“Under Current” – Rudi Ardianto (Salatiga)

August 10, 2021

“Under Current” – Rudi Ardianto (Salatiga)

Address : Tetep Randuacir RT 18 RW 04
Argomulyo, Salatiga Central Java
Phone : +62 298 7102033
Mobile : +62 818 0249 0101
Email : rudy@grakkart.com
Personal Website : www.grakkart.com
Community Website : www.grakkart.com/tuk

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design
Sydney Institute Of Technology
Enmore Design Center, 1999
Diploma of English
College of English for Business
Satya Wacana Christian University
Salatiga, 1995

Founder & Creative Director,
Komunitas Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (TUK), Salatiga Indonesia
2006- Present
Tanam Untuk Kehidupan (‘Planting For Life’) is an environmentally concerned artist community in Salatiga, Central Java, which was founded in June 2006. TUK is running a local environmental campaign through ART to help bring awareness and community support to the issue of water conservation and tree planting in our local region.
Duties involve leadership, art management and facilitation of TUK artists; public relations with external communities; concept development & graphic design for proposals, posters and other publicity; development of sustainable industries from recycled materials; festival and event organization and coordination.
Skills developed include strong leadership & facilitation skills, community development skills, arts management skills, cross-cultural awareness and communication skills, creative direction and artistic design of Festival and event sites.
Indonesian Arts Manager of “Gang Festival”
Indonesian-Australian Art Festival, Java – Sydney
Dec 2005 Jan 2006 / Nov 2007- May 2008
“Gang Festival” is an Indonesian-Australian Art Festival Collaboration aimed at building art and cultural connections and relationships between art workers in both countries. Duties involved managing the Indonesian art program for the festival, facilitating international residencies of Australians in Indonesia, cross-cultural communication & interpreting. Skills include arts management, cross-cultural communication; organization of art collectives & art selection process in Indonesia; leadership and facilitation skills.
RAW ART Artist Collective, Sydney Australia

RAW ART is a community of Artists in Sydney, which ran an extensive event and exhibition program in “The Wedding Circle” Art Studio. Duties involved curator and management of exhibitions, live music, performance art and film screenings. Graphic design of all publicity material for events. Skills developed include leadership, curator skills, artistic community development, Event Organising skills.
Freelance Graphic Designer,
Duties involved freelance design and layout for clients business needs. Designs included posters, brochures, logo, website, t-shirts, bulletins etc. Skills included competency using Illustrator, Photoshop, Director, Flash, In-Design, Corel. Small Business management skills, Taxation preparation and bookkeeping skills, Client communication skills.
Artist, Painter, Muralist,
1995- present
• Undercurrents (Solo Show) @ Vivi Yip Art Rom, Jakarta, October 2008
• Festival Mata Air 2008 Exhibition, Salatiga, October 2008
• Salon Yogya @ CG Art Space, Jakarta, September 2008
• Art 4 Earth Sake @ Pine Street Gallery, Sydney, January 2008
• Sisa @ University of Technology Gallery, Sydney, December 2007
• Festival Mata Air 2007 Exhibition, Salatiga, September 2007
• Festival Mata Air 2006 Exhibition, Salatiga, November 2006
• Artquake @ Paddington Gallery NSW, August 2006
• Retrospective (Solo Show) @ The Wedding Circle Sydney, 2005
• Inbread @ The Wedding Circle Sydney, February 2005
• The Affordable Art Show @ Melbourne, March 2005
• Show of Support @ Knot Gallery, Dec 2004
• Raw @ Space 3, Nov 2004
• The Affordable Art Show @ Fox Studios, July 2004
• Waste of Art @ 245 Broadway, July 2004
• Grakk Art-Java-Sydney (Solo Show) @ Pine St Creative Arts Centre, June 2003
• Jumbo Connector @ Kilo Studios, May 2002
• Exhibition @ Space 3, Nov 2001
• Raw Art 2 (Solo Show) @ Raw Art Studio, Salatiga, March 2001,
• Raw Art (Solo Show) @ Omah Dhuwur Gallery, Yogyakarta, June 2000

Blue Mountains Drawing Project & Residency, Australia, January 2008
Drs. Rebecca Conroy,
Artistic Directorate Bill & George Creative Industry Studios, Sydney
Creative Director of ‘Gang Festival’, Sydney
Phone: +61 413763814
Email: bek@billandgeorge.org
Mr Mark Taylor,
Creative Director of Sydney Latin American Film Festival,
Filmmaker & Director, Community Arts Worker
Phone: +612 405116183
Email: mark376@optusnet.com.au

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